Lip Care

The skin of the lips is a kind of transitional form between normal outer skin and inner mucous membrane. The lips have no sebaceous or sweat glands. The horny layer is especially thin. The lack of sebaceous and sweat glands and the frequent contact with saliva means that the lips tend to become dry, and if not creamed, cracking (rhagades) can occur. As the lips have practically no pigment cells, especially in summer they should be protected against UV radiation with lip wax or care creams. Lip care can be performed very frequently – in the case of very dry lips up to 10 times a day or more. People with dry or cracked lips unconsciously lick and wet them, which makes them even drier. Lip care requires a balance of moisturising and lipid components in the form of creams and lip care sticks. For lip care, water-free ointments such as Vaseline or lipid-rich W/O emulsions should be used. Lip care sticks often contain waxes which melt at body temperature and so are not rubbed off so easily. The types of wax used in lip care sticks are beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, mineral waxes and lanolin waxes. Additions of castor oil and glycerol improve application and spreading abilities and also give greater gloss. Other important ingredients are soothing factors such as allantoin, bisabolol and panthenol, and, for use in summer, UV filters.

Care programme for the lips

Treat dry lips several times a day – especially if you have a cold and in the winter months – with cream, lip wax or Vaseline. Perform lip care regularly in the morning and evening, and in summer make sure to use lip care products with a high sun skinpilot side tourprotection factor. Lip care products can be applied as frequently as possible.